Jun 10, 2020

From Hobby to Side Hustle

Written by Lara Millican


Do you have a hobby? something creative, something that you like making for friends and family for gifts or something just to help you relax? Have you ever had a family member tell you “hey you should sell this”? How do you know if something that you make can be turned into a business, or if you should even try? There are a lot of things to consider when deciding if you want to start your own business especially when that means turning a hobby into a potential career.

Let’s think about what your hobby is first: is it painting or knitting or making hair bows for little girls? Before starting your own business you need to really think about if you are ready to commit to creating more and more products instead of only when you get bored or decide to get creative. It takes a lot of time to make a business successful, are you ready for that? 

Another thing to think about is if people are willing to buy whatever it is that you’re making.  Friends and family will always say yes but a business isn’t created just from friends and family you need people who don’t know you at all to be able and willing to purchase the product that you were creating.

A lot of people who turn a hobby into a business start out by making something for themselves and then have friends and family ask if they could make them something as well. From there it turns into more friends and family wanting to buy it and then eventually strangers even start asking. If you think there is an interest in what you are making then go ahead,  take that chance and start trying to sell some. If you still start seeing more interest and people are willing to pay for it then push yourself a little bit further and create a Facebook Page or an Etsy shop to sell your creations.

You’ll need to create a brand for yourself and your new business. Think of the product(s) you’ll be offering: are you going to stick to one thing, or is there a possibility of expanding the product lines? You don’t want to choose a business name where you’re stuck only offering one thing, but you want the name and brand to make sense. Take some time to really think about this, you want to get it right! Once you know what your product is, and have your name, it’s time to hustle! Join Facebook groups, go to local markets/vendor events, really push yourself out of your comfort zone so you can grow your business!

Here are a few blogs about turning your hobby into a side hustle:




Have you turned a hobby into a side hustle, or even your career? Let us know your story by emailing info@arkansasentreprenaire.com, you could be featured on our blog and social media! 

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Lara Millican
Author: Lara Millican